About me - I’m a software developer, that’s found a friend in Go. I’ve enjoyed working with a number of technologies over the years, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, but none of them have had the appeal of Go.

What you see on the blog is what you get, a fascination with Computer Science, and the minutiae that comes with it.

Outside of CS, I love exploring the world I live in, walking around 12 - 15 km every day, looking at the city I live in (currently Melbourne), its shops, malls, beaches, and the Yarra river, and visiting its abundance of eateries.

My current personal best for walking is 42.89 Km, achieved March 4th 2023. (My goal was to walk the distance of a marathon, and I achieved it).

Before I moved to Australia I lived in New Zealand, where I spent a lot of time taking photos of the native birds - Tui, Ruru, Piwakawaka, Riroriro, Kereru. Something I miss dearly.

I’m a bit of a astronomy buff. I love to marvel at the heavens above. Back in NZ I have an 6 inch Newtonian telescope, which I have used to look upon Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and some of her moons, Saturn and her rings, a multitude of stars, and a few distant galaxy.

I’m also a bit of a command line lover, I make heavy use of Tmux to split the pane up.

In the screenshot above you can see Vim-go (editing some Go code, and checking test coverage), Mutt (email), GoRSS (Atom/RSS feeds), MPlayer (streaming NZ radio The Sound) and Irssi (begging for help on IRC).

The eyes are created with fortune | cowsay -f eyes | lolcat. Fortune provides the random ‘proverb’, Cowsay the eyes, and lolcat the rainbow colours.

The massive advantage of tmux is that you only need a single instance of the terminal running at any given point in time, and you can slice the visible parts into any multitude of possible arrangements to suit your workflow for the given moment.

(Note: I use Screen to allow me to run services on remote machines and attach/detach to my heart’s content).

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